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Why ZipRescue®

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The benefits of incorporating the ZipRescue® trolley into your
lift evacuation rescue equipment include:


  • ZipRescue® Rescuer maintains direct connection to the trolley once mounted onto the haul rope, creating a mobile anchor point from which to ascend, descend and lower into the gondola/chair to evacuate clients
  • With increased efficiency and mobility, rescuers expend less energy and therefore make better decisions

Lower Manpower:

  • The ZipRescue® trolley requires only one trained rescuer to operate, allowing teams to engage with more tower/cable spans at time, therefore communicating with clientele and helping them to remain calm

Easy to Use:

  • The ZipRescue® trolley is ultra-light weight so any member of a patrol or rescue team can maneuver and easily mount/dismount from the cable
  • The ZipRescue® trolley’s automatic braking system gives the rescuer speed control; easily increase or decrease the amount of braking with a simple foot-aider for both riding and initiating descent
  • An auxiliary braking system provides assistance in mounting/dismounting, as well as additional braking power and control on haul ropes with steeper incline


  • The V-groove braking allows the ZipRescue® trolley to excel on cable diameters ranging from .7"” to 2.3"

Product Support:

  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A
  • Replaceable parts and accessories are stocked and shipped from Park City, Utah
  • Training for your professional staff on the ZipRescue® trolley and chairlift evacuation solutions can be scheduled for your location and specific needs